Universal Accessories

Universal performance accessories for the Nissan Sentra and NX2000.

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  • Go Fast Bits G-Force III Electronic Boost Controller (FREE SHIPPING)
    The latest iteration of GFB’s feature-packed electronic boost controller now has the ability to monitor and display your engine’s air/fuel ratio in either Lambda or AFR. By connecting the analogue output of most wideband O2 controllers (i.e. Innovate LC-2, AEM UEGO etc, sold separately) to the G-For..
  • HKS Vehicle Registration Case
    The HKS Vehicle Registration Case is perfect for organizing your glove box to keep your vehicle manuals, registration, and insurance information all in order. It has 1 large compartment for the vehicle manual book, 2 clear card slots, and 2 large clear slots for extras. It is made for high quality v..