ACS-C7 Z06 Rockers

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Product Overview

All New ACS Side Rockers for Corvette C7 Z06

-- OEM Quality for a Third of the Price of GM Part! –

It is our pleasure to introduce our new Z06 side rockers. Our rockers are a replica of the Aero3 side rockers and yet ours will only set you back a third of the price of the originals. Not content with providing incredibly competitive pricing, we’ve actually ensured that our side rockers will offer an advantage over their GM counterparts, we have extended the under carriage section to fully protect the OEM painted rocker section.

So, as well as improving the aerodynamic performance of your vehicle, our rockers will protect some of your precious paintwork. As is standard with ACS parts, the Z06 size rockers come fully prepped and primed – smoothly moulded and finished with a precision and finesse that truly stands out. The design is cleverly tailored to suit the wider body of the model and adds zest to what is already a spicy ride.

The manufacturing of our side rockers is designed with simplicity in mind, ensuring that installation can be completed in a mere 30 minutes, using the mechanical fastener kit supplied and avoiding the use of messy adhesives or double-sided tape.

The following features come as standard:

Manufactured in an OEM-validated RTM composite material
Will enhance your car’s aerodynamic attributes at high speeds
Will not lower the ride height of the vehicle
Contoured profile for easy access
Smooth finish to both sides that exudes class and facilitates easy cleaning
Mounted to the original OEM rocker panel
Protects OM painted rocker panel
Installation kit
Road Guard protective coating sprayed on inner surfaces for longevity and show finish

Available Finishes

Black Primer with undercoating paint on inner surface
Satin Black Finish with undercoating paint on inner surface
Carbon Flash Finish with undercoating paint on inner surface

2015-2016 C7 Z06


(No reviews yet) Write a Review