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Infiniti Q50 / Q60 Stainless Steel Brake Line Installation

Replacing the OEM rubber lines with Tunerz Store Stainless Steel Brake Lines for the Q50 Q60 would improve the pedal feel, help improve braking performance compared to the soft stock rubber lines and longevity as rubber lines will deteriorate faster.

The PTFE hose has an extruded PTFE core, with an outer stainless steel braided wire covering, while the abrasion resistant rubber coating on the outside gives added protection from flying debris; it also gives some abrasion protection from the line rubbing on suspension parts, in extreme braking conditions, with full compression (most movement of line).

DOT certified, which insures that they meet or exceed the DOT certification that is outlined in MVSS-1006 specifications.

"Our kit includes all necessary hardware for installation on both Sport and Non Sport models."

Q50/Q60 installation instructions require moderate tool access and medium to hard mechanical skill level.

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