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Cusco Low Down Slope ‑ Jack Assist Ramp Set (Raffle Drawing)

Cusco Low Down Slope ‑ Jack Assist Ramp Set (Raffle Drawing)

Brand: Cusco
Product Code: cusA517 SL99
Price: $5.00
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Raffle Drawing:  $5.00 for each ticket, minimum of 20 tickets must be sold for raffle drawing to commence.  If all tickets are not sold, refund will be given to those who purchased a ticket.  Deadline will be August 31, 2017 @ 3pm with drawing to follow same day.  Raffle only applies to customers in Contiguous US. 

The Cusco Low Down Slope Jack Assist Ramp Set are a two-piece ramp, a perfect solution for jacking up lowered vehicles. The detachable two-piece design allows you to drive up onto the top of the ramp and remove the front portion so that you can still access your jacking points without the ramp being in the way. The mild angle on the ramp makes it easy to drive up on without the ramp sliding away. Made in Japan from durable lightweight ABS material, these ramps make getting your car in the air quick and easy.


Detachable two-piece design
Better clearance for floor jacks
Longer ramp distance/ Mild climb angle
Durable lightweight ABS material

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