DBA 5000 Series T3 Slotted Replacement Front Rotor - AKEBONO Sport Brake Calipers

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Big bite and reduced weight. That's why you upgraded to DBA T3 5000 brake rotors in the first place. But, even the highest quality brake rotors are gonna wear out. Lucky for you, your DBAs feature a two-piece design. So swap those damaged DBAs the easy way—DBA T3 5000 Series Replacement Rotors. Built as a direct replacement, DBA T3 rotor rings mount right to your original Alumalite hats in a flash, so you can get back to winning.

Quick refresher. Your DBA T3 5000 rotor discs are the ultimate performance brake. Thanks to the Thermo Stability Profiling, they handle extreme heat under extreme conditions while dramatically extending pad life. Oh yeah, and there are those thermo-graphic paint markings that let you know if your DBA T3 replacement rotors are too hot, or not.

Of course, thanks to the patented the Kangaroo Paw venting, DBA T3 5000 rotor rings run cool as cucumbers. Up to 20% cooler than traditional rotors, in fact. All non-friction surfaces are coated with protective paint for style, and every rotor is marked with its part number, manufacture date and batch code for traceability, Cooler yet, DBA backs your T3 5000 Series Replacement Rotors with a 12-months or 12,000 mile warranty.

Replacement rotor only — does not include Alumalite hat

Infiniti G37 Sport 2008+
Infiniti M37/M56/Q70 Sport 2011+
Infiniti Q50 Sport 2014+
Nissan 370z Sport 2009+
Any model with AKEBONO Sport Calipers


(No reviews yet) Write a Review